Businesses rely on a myriad of support services that help them operate on a day-to-day basis which without would bring all operations to a halt.

Telecom4u guarantees robust bases and operations so that your company is running soundly without ever having to concern yourselves.

Join today and take one less worry off your company’s shoulders.

Consultation Phase – Telecom4u understands that every project begins with meeting the specific needs of the client and forging a long-term peace of mind solution.
Tech Phase – After the consultation phase Telecom4u will send its tech team to install the desired services of the client.
Support Phase – After products and services are installed and mounted you will enjoy our 24/7
support team and real-time management.

Here are some of the many communication services we provide for offices & administrations.

  • Business conference rooms.
  • Long distance and local calls.
  • IP Solutions for business and hotels.
  • IP-PBX for small and large business.
  • Virtual Phone Numbers from over 60 countries.
  • Security solutions for telephony systems and exchanges.
  • And More…

Email :

Israel: +972-722774488
USA: +1-718-713-8245
Canada: Toll Free: +1-888-453-7909
France: +33-1-70613222

International Communication Solution
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