Telecom-4U LTD – Hotel and Business Solutions established in 2009, is a market leading company in its field and an expert in technical consultation services according to client’s needs; IT services, supplying, installing and maintenance of computing and telephony systems for business, administrations with a focus on the hospitality industry worldwide.

We are present from the initial planning steps until the system is fully mounted and ready for use.
Telecom-4U LTD is your one-stop company that provides a wide range of advanced technological solutions and services.

We improve the existing communication systems in organizations and integrate them within the most advanced technologies using the world’s leading market equipment while utilizing the vast knowledge, expertise and experience acquired over the years in the business.

Telecom-4U LTD stands out by its soaring abilities – analyzing every individual client’s requirements and adopting the perfect solution needed using over a decade of concentrated experience in this field and a wide range of today’s top products.

We are committed to performing all our labor with maximum professionalism and reliability; meticulously meeting deadlines. Our product shows uncompromising stability and service.

When it comes to communication technology fields, Telecom-4U LTD bestows its customer’s peace of mind, and with one simple phone call, you will find yourself a safeguard, and answers to all your communications system necessities.

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We will lead the way for your business to reach a more advanced technologic world!

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