Free International Phone Calls directly from all guest rooms and hotel's offices

Telecom-4U Company offers a unique innovative service for hotels worldwide:
Free international calls directly from guest rooms and hotel's offices.
With our service, your guests can enjoy complimentary phone calls to dozens of countries around the world, with no time limits. Calls can be made to both land line and cellular lines.
Offer your guests an exclusive leisure impression – having free calls with family, friends, office, colleagues, etc... No application required; no need to be simultaneously online; nothing – just pick up the phone and dial!
The tourism business is highly competitive. Guests are looking for a nice, safe and pleasant stay. But – they are also looking for an experience to remember.
Complimentary international calls are NOT a technical service.
Complimentary international calls are a 100% MARKETING service that will differentiate your hotel from others.
Hotels provide common services like parking, business room; free Wi-Fi, etc, while most updated hotels provide their clients also complimentary international calls. Our clients are very proud offering our service,
Our service was developed especially to connect any type of hotel's existing telephone switchboard.
Our unique service includes:
  • Free international calls from hotel offices.
  • Free international calls from guest's rooms.
  • Free international calls from the hotel lobby.
  • Free international calls from the business conference room.
Optional services:
  • Free international video conference.
  • Free virtual phone numbers (from over 60 countries).
  • Free international video calls from Business center and guest's rooms.

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