Q. Who are we?

A: The TELECOM 4U Company established in 2009 by experienced and veteran personnel in the international telecommunications field, developed a sound solution for free global calling services for clients with a concentration in the hospitality industry.

Making it budget handy and within hotel's grasps. We offer hotels a fixed monthly payment program with no surprises attached.

Q: Do you support a few types of IP solutions or a wide-range?

A: Our veteran team supports a wide range of IP solutions, brands/models.

Q: What is VoIP?

A: VoIP stands for the Voice over Internet Protocol. Internet technology serves as the mechanism for delivery of your phone calls. VoIP itself is becoming standard worldwide and eliminating traditional lines.

Q: Is a maintenance agreement required?

A: We will take care and maintain your telephony. Therefore, no such agreement is required.

Q: Why offer my guests free unlimited international calls?

A: Because in our millennial age where people are still buying international packages via their mobile provider or place of stay, free international calls to their loved ones or clients is a service that will increase their interest and commit to your hotel.

Q: I'd like to use your services, but I am not sure where to start. Can you help?

A: Contact us, and you will have a host of friendly & supportive personnel standing by at your disposal.  All you need to do is  email us at  info@telecom4u.co.il

Q: Does this service extend to all hotel offices?

A: All telephone lines within the hotel, including all rooms and offices, will be open and accessible to this service.

Q: I already provide my guests, services like free internet access. Can't they just call internationally through that service?

A: Skype, Viber and all sort of other applications available but it's essential to remember that:
1 - Quality and connection availability are incomparable to the added value of a stationary line.
2 - Guests, clients, and businesses prefer that ease of mind over dropped signals and frustration. And you will be their go to in there quest for convenience.

Q: How do we get started?

A: We will ask and receive your PBX telecommunication system details.  We will then adapt our methods to fit your hotel's existing equipment, no need to purchase a new PBX system.

Q: Do you provide other solutions and PBX systems for hotels?

A: Yes. We can provide all existing telecommunication solutions for hotels and other institutions starting from simple systems and operators till multiplex systems.

Q: Should the hotel management provide any equipment at all from their side?

A: Not much really, our systems just need your hotel's internet line and fixed IP address.

For any further questions, please contact us.
Our support departments address: info@telecom4u.net
We will be glad to help and answer any question!